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Protective Clothing for Industry

MG is our signature brand. It offers an extensive range of high specification Protective clothing.
Using the latest Japanese(breathable, oil resistant, waterproof,  durable) fabrics the Maxgard range is manufactured at our sister company`s factory in Vietnam.
The Maxgard range is a joint venture with Mitsubishi Plastics Co.,Ltd and Unitika Ltd, which has been used extensively in the fight against bird flu outbreaks in Japan and the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

Fire Proof Clothing

Using the latest heat resistant fabrics(e.g Provins ®,Faipuro-Alfie ®), we achieve the very  highest level of fire protection. The clothing is aluminum processed, however no aluminum peeling occurs.
The range is machine washable, ergonomically designed and extremely durable.
This range is widely sold to steel manufacturers and furnace installation companies who workers require the highest level of heat protection while working in extreme conditions.

Fire Fighting Clothing

Our fireproof clothing range is made using high-tech fabrics using the latest processing techniques. Made in our factory in Fukushima, Japan. We have been supplying industry and public authorities for decades.
Our research and development team has developed an ergonomically superior range of clothing that gives the user the highest possible level of fire proof protection.
This range is also meets the ISO 15538 standard.

Emergency Shower & Eye-wash

All products meet the global ANSI Z358.1 standard requrirements.  All models are built to the highest standards and are designed to be very quick and simple to operate.