MAXGARD® is our signature brand for a series of protective garments, which include protective clothing, fire fighter clothing and workwear. It provides maximum protection for people working under hazardous conditions. Using high-specification fabrics, it is optimized for protection, durability and comfort. All MAXGARD® products are manufactured at our own factory, with full control over quality. You can trust MAXGARD® to give you ultimate protection against infection and injury.


 MAXGARD® Protective Clothing

MAXGARD® Protective Clothing is a joint development with Unitika Ltd. and Mitsubishi Plastics. Using ELEVES, a special type of nonwoven fabric developed by Unitika Ltd., MAXGARD® Protective Clothing is outstanding for protection, lightweight and breathability. It is widely used by medical service personal and factory workers.


 ELEVES™ is a special type of nonwoven fabric developed by Unitika Ltd. It consists of polyethylene and polyester, with core-sheath structure. Compares with the original SF fabric, the new SF fabric, which uses ELEVES™, has higher performance in protection, lighter and thinner. At the same time, it maintains high moisture permeability and dust resistance.


MAXGARD® Protective Clothing Series


MAXGARD® 2500 Protective Clothing



MAXGARD® 2450 Protective Clothing



MAXGARD® 2765 Protective Clothing


Regarding Emerging Influenza

In April 2009, there was an outbreak of new influenza. The virus originally came from pork and became infectious to people, which had threatened people’s health to a great extent.

New influenza is more difficult to tackle than existing influenza, as our immune system does not have ability to fight against it. Also, there is no medicine to cure it.

Over the years, more and more new influenza has emerged. The death rate of influenza is estimated to be around 20% to 60%.

As emerging influenza has become a threat to our health, it is essential for us to be well-prepared and protect ourselves from being infected.

MAXGARD® Protective Clothing for Against Infectious Diseases

MAXGARD® Protective Clothing is designed to provide high protection barrier for infectious diseases. By using high specification material, it is able to keep people, especially medical service personal, safe from infection.